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Success on your own terms

‘Success on your own terms.’

What does that mean to you?

I remember hearing this concept over 15 years ago from one of my first marketing mentors, Dan Kennedy. He was a gruff older man who had many infallible opinions in general that didn’t jive with my own.

(A staunch midwestern Republican was an unlikely mentor at the time for a then single, LA-based, feminist female.)

But I listened. And I quietly took what resonated for me, and left the rest. (I respected that other human beings have the right to their own opinions, unlike many people feel today.)

Because in the end, it wasn’t about what his terms were at all.

It was about mine.

I loved the idea – it spoke to me so strongly, that my life and business could be designed around my own terms.

My own!

And over the years, the only places I ‘got in trouble’, if you will—in a funky place where things didn’t feel right—were the times I disregarded the importance of that. When I pushed aside (or pushed back down inside) what was true and best for ME.

Whenever I looked outside of myself to what was ‘recommended’, or what was ‘usually done’, or what we ‘should be doing’, or took the advice of ‘experts’ who said we had to do something a specific way… I ended up not only resenting what I had created, but often something that just didn’t work.

Since this shift in my awareness, my businesses and offerings have always followed my personal evolution.

Their inception, their growth, their changes, their endings.

And in this new world right now where things are moving SO quickly that it’s hard to stay steady—let alone predict the future—I have an invitation for you… and it’s a big one.

Decide what YOU really want.

I mean… what do you REALLY want? How do you REALLY want to work? Who do you REALLY want to be? What do you REALLY want to accomplish in the rest of your years in this lifetime?

Put aside your current team, clients, customers, products, offerings, and ‘limitations’.

And decide from a place of clarity and possibility.

Your decisions today — even if they seem crazy — will determine your tomorrow.

I’ll be helping you with this at ICONIC: 2021 Liberation, on November 3+4, here in Phoenix.


So if you’ve considered joining me along with dozens of proven women entrepreneurs for this two-day, one-time event… now is the time to do so.

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And join a room of female leaders powering up for their next (and likely most important) chapters in their entire careers.


PS — Would you also consider forwarding this email to another high-performing female entrepreneur you know? For her, this may just be the perfect event at the perfect time. Because time is running out. (In more ways than one.)
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