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“Swipe My Coaching Business Secrets…”

Holy cannoli, I can’t believe that just from one announcement we already have over 1200 of you registered for my upcoming FREE call where I’ll be revealing my secrets for running a lucrative coaching business.

Apparently this is a HOT topic! (In a hurry? Sign up here.) If you haven’t heard yet, here’s what it’s all about…

In 2006, I launched what I considered to be my very first high-priced coaching program. I remember being so nervous when I announced the $12,000 fee on stage!

Today, just a few years later, I offer various tiers of membership to be able to serve entrepreneurs of all income levels. My top tier program commands $100,000 per membership. And, last year alone my company’s programs brought in over $2 million.

Now hear me out: I am NOT sharing these numbers to impress you, but to impress upon you that there are opportunities to significantly increase your income by designing powerful, leveraged coaching programs.

Want to hear more? And learn how to do this for yourself? (On even a small scale? And in most ANY industry?) Imagine: Just one well-designed program could bring you an extra six-figures this year.

Then join me on this upcoming FREE teleseminar on Tuesday, February 23…


“Coaching Business Secrets: The Inside Scoop on How to Design, Sell, and Run Profitable & Successful Coaching Programs”

with Ali Brown

Tuesday, February 23, 2010, at 8pm Eastern

Learn more and reserve your spot now here.


Join me on this FREE one-time call where I’ll be revealing:

* the most POPULAR types of coaching programs that are in demand right now

* which types of programs are NOT easy to sell right now (don’t waste your time)

* my personal 3 no-fail formulas for various levels of group coaching delivery

* which price points ($$$) are working well across the board in many industries

* the biggest mistake I see most solo-preneurs make when launching their coaching programs (it’s sad to see them shoot themselves in the foot, and publicly)

* hidden DANGERS of continuity (membership) programs, and how to avoid them

* details about my groundbreaking, private Coaching Business Intensive happening this summer, where over two full days I’ll personally walk you through exactly how to design, sell, and run your own profitable programs.


For the first time EVER I’m about to peel back the curtain and reveal for YOU my secrets for designing, selling, and running outrageously profitable coaching programs.

If you’re a coach or consultant — or if you have you ever considered coaching others — you won’t want to miss this! Learn more and reserve your spot now here.

Love and Success,

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