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“Her First Million”

One of my Premier clients just sent me this screenshot with her total year of sales — she broke $1 Million, and I’m excited for her. But not actually about the revenues. Of course that’s an impressive number that can really change the life of a client and her family. But what I love more about this milestone is seeing WHO my clients become in this phase. I remember first hearing Jim Rohn say years ago, “You don’t become a millionaire for the million dollars. You become a millionaire for the *person* you become in the process.”

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A place and time for the breakthrough you're craving…

When we get to a certain level, the insights we crave don’t happen at our desks… and don’t typically happen in a workshop jammed with multiple speakers, frameworks, handouts, and exercises.
Creativity and magic… especially that of the feminine power we harness… is birthed by giving ourselves space… and powered up by surrounding ourselves in inspiring environments with big thinkers who operate at a high vibration.
You don’t need another conference, seminar, or training.
You need to Repower.

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Summer holiday, consulting for royalty, and going LIVE…

I recently did my first Facebook LIVE, and even though it was only 8 minutes, it got a ton of response, so I will be doing more of these! I really enjoyed being more spontaneous than usual. The topic for this one was “Entrepreneur Guilt.” (You can see my debut at the top of my FB page here.)

It’s great to be home in Arizona and not planning to be on a plane until September. But we WILL be doing plenty of road trips this summer with the kids, and I’ll be working on the road.

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