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“Her First Million”

One of my Premier clients just sent me this screenshot with her total year of sales — she broke $1 Million, and I’m excited for her. But not actually about the revenues. Of course that’s an impressive number that can really change the life of a client and her family. But what I love more about this milestone is seeing WHO my clients become in this phase. I remember first hearing Jim Rohn say years ago, “You don’t become a millionaire for the million dollars. You become a millionaire for the *person* you become in the process.”

When you have reached your first million, you have become stronger, more confident, and more adaptable. You’ve surpassed unforeseen obstacles, and you’ve also found out who your real friends are. You’ve learned to manage money by doing it well (or making mistakes on the way). You’ve learned how to hire, and how to fire. But most important of all… you have had to believe in yourself when no one else did. You’ve followed your own voice. You’ve discovered you have something of immense value to offer others. You have stepped into a greater power of who you are and what you can create for the world. You realize … you are a leader. And this is just the beginning of your journey.

THESE are the clients I work with… powerful women with powerful missions who aren’t afraid of powerful numbers. If you’re only interested in doubling your clients or building a better sales funnel or a bigger tribe, I’m not the coach for you. I never have been. Those objectives make sense, but they are part of a whole and don’t interest me when approached separately.

**You’ve hit a point of personal business evolution when your monetary growth dramatically aligns with WHO you are growing into, every moment.**

Stop launching. Start leading.

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