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'Nice girls', tight jeans, and creative secrets…

Time to catch up with these recent episodes of Glambition® Radio
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I’m honored that #GlambitionRadio has now been recognized by both Inc. and Entrepreneur magazines as a must listen podcast for entrepreneurs!
Here are our latest episodes. Keep reading below for descriptions…

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A bit about these episodes…
Fran Hauser – After years in her high-level media career of being asked, ‘How can you be so NICE and still be so successful?’, Fran decided to write, The Myth of the Nice Girl.

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Debi Maldonado on Glambition Radio with Ali Brown

Debi Maldonado, Co-Founder + CEO of Creative Mind Media — Glambition Radio Episode 138 with Ali Brown

Tired of personal development programs that try to point out ‘what’s wrong with you’? The good news is, there’s a more elevated approach—especially for high-achieving women. My client Debi Maldonado is co-founder of Creative Mind Media and leads programs that empower women to find their ideal partners, expand their lives, and discover their purpose in life. Her deep, multi-sensory process based on Jungian Psychology and eastern wisdom traditions helps women step into a profound version of themselves. And she’s my guest on Glambition Radio.

Single into her 40s (I can relate!), Debi knows firsthand how it felt to be in search of a great partner along with her true purpose.

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