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'Nice girls', tight jeans, and creative secrets…

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A bit about these episodes…
Fran Hauser – After years in her high-level media career of being asked, ‘How can you be so NICE and still be so successful?’, Fran decided to write, The Myth of the Nice Girl. On this episode of Glambition Radio, we discuss how the book’s topic came at just the right time, considering the current cultural climate we are in, and how you can be both a kind, caring person without compromising your work.
Shelley Zalis –  In the middle of the World Economic Forum at Davos, there’s a secret oasis of women who are connecting, doing deals, and enjoying a bit of respite from the majority of men wandering the town in gray suits. It’s The Girls’ Lounge, and you’ll see its founder Shelley Zalis enjoying every minute of it. But there’s so much more to this powerful leader who also founded The Female Quotient. Listen and learn!
Ali Brown – Let me walk you through highlights of the powerful content I shared at my recent Creative Strategy Workshop here in Phoenix. For years—in both school and organizations we’ve worked in—we’ve been programmed to always have the right answer, instead of asking the right questions. But it’s the right questions that lead to better answers. And lead to brilliant business moves.
Paige Adams-Geller – Remember when—after years of ill-fitting, stiff jeans—it all changed in the early 2000s? Suddenly the cuts were fantastic, the fabric was like a soft hug that moved with you, and we were all now happily paying well over $100 a pair. We have the founder of PAIGE Denim to thank. Not only was she the first female founder in the industry, but she changed the way we wear jeans.
Debi Maldonado – Stop being told you need to fix yourself and instead focus on thriving. My client Debi Maldonado’s deep, multi-sensory process based on Jungian Psychology and eastern wisdom traditions helps women step into a profound version of themselves. I think you’ll find her approach refreshing.
Bonus Sampler Show! –  Hear some of the best clips from my interviews over the past year with QVC legend Lisa Robertson, empowering leader Rha Goddess, MeetEdgar founder Laura Roeder, Halogen Ventures leader Jesse Draper, and She Summit founder Claudia Chan. This could be the best 15-minutes you’ve had in quite a while. 😉

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