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“Safe is the New Risk”—Glambition Radio Episode #10 with Ali Brown


If you’ve listened to just a few of the interviews with amazing women we’ve had so far on Glambition Radio, I hope you’ve detected they have one powerful trait in common.

These gals took RISKS to get where they are.

They didn’t overthink things, or think “who am I to be doing this?” or fret and flop around worrying about how they would fit this in their life, how they’d do this along with motherhood, etc.

They got excited about their idea, did the research they needed, got the help they needed, and went for it.

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Alli Webb of Drybar: How One Woman and a Blowdryer Took Over America, this Week on Glambition™ Radio

Where do you go that’s yellow and white, fun and girly, plays rom-com movies and great music, gives you free wi-fi and iPhone chargers, and within an hour you walk out looking like a million bucks?

It’s called Drybar and I am now obsessed with it. And while it was hard to choose which Glambition Girl to feature for our first interview, Alli Webb blew me away. (Pun intended.)

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