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Fran Hauser on Glambition Radio with Ali Brown

Fran Hauser, Author of “The Myth of the Nice Girl” — Glambition Radio Episode 142 with Ali Brown

When Fran Hauser was at People magazine nine years ago, she noticed a common question from the women she was mentoring: ‘How can you be so NICE and still be so successful?’ As women know all too well, the balance between being nice and being assertive is like walking a tightrope. The issue came up yet again when she wrote an article for Forbes called “Nice Girls Finish First” and surprise, surprise, the article resonated with women from around the world.

Realizing the issue extended beyond her own network, Fran wrote her just-released “The Myth of the Nice Girl”.

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Shelley Zalis on Glambition Radio with Ali Brown

Shelley Zalis, Founder + CEO of The Female Quotient and The Girls’ Lounge — Glambition Radio Episode 141 with Ali Brown

In the middle of the World Economic Forum at Davos, you may come across an intimate oasis of women who are connecting, doing deals, having a great time, and enjoying a bit of respite from the huge majority of men wandering the town in gray suits. And you’ll see The Girls’ Lounge founder Shelley Zalis enjoying every minute of it.

She got the idea for the Girls’ Lounge in 2013 while walking the floor of the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas. Women were the vast minority there, and she saw them craving a “safe” space to relax from the overly male vibe.

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