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Tomorrow: Go big? Or go home? (I chose home…)

As I was growing my business, I heard from more than one mentor things like “Go BIG or go home.” Hmmm.

It kind of made me feel like my life wouldn’t even matter unless I did what seemed like BIG things. So I pushed and I pushed.

And, I went BIG. I did some great things. But I got so caught up in the BIGNESS, that eventually I realized this wasn’t the dream I originally had.

I was exhausted. So then, I decided to “go home”. By home what I mean is my Truth.

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How I made babies…

OK I’m sure you know “how” my twins happened. (If not, go ask anyone and they can likely explain to you.)

But what you may not realize is how long I waited for the right relationship in my life. I didn’t meet Brett until I was nearly 42.

And apparently these little souls couldn’t wait to get down here to grow and play with us. They appeared on our radar within a few months after our meeting, and were born last May as big, healthy, full-term twins. (I can’t believe Jordie and Maddie will be one year old soon!)

People are saying to me, “It’s amazing how much you’ve shifted because of the babies.

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