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If you're a speaker or want to become one, read this…

If you want to learn how to dramatically increase your income as a speaker, then you’re going to love what I’m about to announce…
Starting TODAY, I’m holding a 50% OFF CLOSE-OUT SALE for one of my most powerful programs, “Simply Irresistible: How to Sell More from the Stage… Easily, Effortlessly, and Authentically”.
I teamed up with renowned sales expert Lisa Sasevich to create this 5-part program, and it’s helped hundreds of small business owners just like you boost their speaking gigs and bank accounts.

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My special coupon code expires tonight…

Thousands of you have downloaded my free “Best Income Streams” report, and claimed $50 off my new program, “57 Income Streams: For More Money, Now and Later”. (Kudos, It’s one of my juiciest programs ever!)

If you haven’t had time to get the details, here’s your chance before the special offer ends TONIGHT…

If you’re a freelancer or solo-professional, it’s likely that you’re offering ONE key service—all you have to do is attract more clients, right? Well, if that was the solution, you’d be rich by now, don’t you think?

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“Criticism: Like It Or Not, Here’s How to Respond” by Ali Brown

How well do you bounce back from criticism? Do you let it roll off your back and keep moving, or does it stop you in your tracks as you obsess about what it could mean about you, your path, and every other decision you’ve made in your life?

When you step up in your business and life, criticism happens no matter what you do. So the bottom line is you have to learn how to handle it. Below, a few tips on how to bounce back.

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Meet my winners of my ‘Entrepreneur to Watch’ Contest!

Well, the votes are in! After a long deliberation with my team this morning, I’m ready to announce the winners of my “Entrepreneur to Watch” Facebook contest!

This was one of the hardest contests I’ve ever judged, so if you submitted your vote to help me in my decision, Thank You! Each finalist had such unique stories, so my team and I took those and other factors into consideration, including the number of votes to make a decision we felt comfortable with.

Now, the moment you’ve been waiting for…

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“9 Clear Strategies to Making Better Decisions” by Ali Brown

How do you usually make a decision? Do you act impulsively, or overcomplicate?  Knowing our personal quirks and decision drivers can help control irrationality and impulsiveness, which can then lead to better decisions in tough situations.

Let’s take a look at nine strategies for making better decisions in crucial moments.

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TODAY is the last day to enter my "Entrepreneur to Watch"contest…

Have you had a chance to enter my Annual “Entrepreneurs to Watch” Contest? The entries keep coming in, and I’m thrilled to see so many of you ready to win in 2013!
This is a final courtesy reminder that TODAY is the last day you can submit your business to win the title of THE “Entrepreneur to Watch of 2013“. To get all the details on how to enter the contest, visit my Elevate Public Facebook Page.

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Enter my annual “Entrepreneur to Watch” contest powered by Elevate!

It’s here! Once again, I’m raising the bar for women like YOU, who “play to win” in their businesses and lives every day—and it could mean HUGE exposure for you and your business…

Introducing my annual “Entrepreneur to Watch” Contest powered by Elevate!

Starting TODAY, you can submit your business to win the title of THE “Entrepreneur to Watch of 2013”. To get all the details on how to enter the contest, visit the Elevate Public Facebook page.

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"3 Steps to Getting the Right Things Done” by Ali Brown

As a home-based entrepreneur, help can come to you in many forms, from the kid’s morning carpool to a personal assistant who can help with errands and organizing. Most of us know we need the help, but we put off making the decision with all types of excuses, like “I can’t afford to hire someone!”or “I don’t need to have someone else do THAT. It’s so easy—I can handle it!”
Contrary to our limiting beliefs, HELP comes in all shapes and sizes. And, you don’t have to be an advanced business owner, or spend a ton of money to deserve an extra hand.

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Don't miss my "Solid Steps to Success" webinar…

This is a courtesy reminder about my free “Solid Steps to Success” webinar happening TODAY at 8pm ET. If you missed my post last week, here are the details…
If I could make you instantly feel relieved and energized about your business right now, would you let me? And can I do that for FREE? Yes?
Great! Years ago, when you wanted to start a business, things were pretty simple…

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Join me tonight at 8pm ET….

This is a final courtesy reminder about my free call happening TONIGHT: “The 5 Commitments: Proven Strategies for Women to Guarantee Your Financial Success This Year”.

Join me and Joy Chudacoff and learn from TWO self-made women who have built our businesses from scratch at home, in our own ways and honoring our personal values.

Here’s what you’ll learn during our time together:

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