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Phoenix, Miami, and NYC…

It’s been a crazy few weeks with two sick kids (alternating, so there always seems to be one home), a lost phone in Mexico (a situation I learned to embrace), and working on a book proposal deadline.

And now that I’m feeling a bit more settled in this week, I wanted to drop you an update on some upcoming events and travels.


Join me for 3 full days of turbo content creation, March 19-21.

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NEW workshop this March (only 12 seats remain)

In 2015, one of my longtime followers pulled me aside at an event, and quietly shared, “I knew the moment you were back.”

I paused and considered the observation.

Hmmm. I was never ‘gone’. I had been very actively working on and in my business, growing our programs, managing the team, advising my high-end clients, and out there speaking and networking.

And then I realized what she was actually talking about: my thought leadership.

(When I use that term, it’s not loosely. I mean being truly a thought LEADER… not just anyone who has a bevy of followers online.)

I paused to consider.

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Your ICONIC 2019 on Glambition Radio with Ali Brown

‘Your ICONIC 2019’ — Glambition Radio Episode 157 with Ali Brown

Let’s do this! There’s some powerful energy in the air for 2019 around creating what you REALLY want next. But there are some major moves you have to consider first to get there, and I’m sharing them with you on this special solo episode of #GlambitionRadio.

My first recommendation may surprise you, and that’s not what to take on, but what to let go of. And I give you my special secret formula to identify those things quickly. You can’t move into your true ICONIC work until you decide what’s NOT up to par for you anymore.

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