‘Your ICONIC 2019’ — Glambition Radio Episode 157 with Ali Brown - Glambition Radio

‘Your ICONIC 2019’ — Glambition Radio Episode 157 with Ali Brown

Your ICONIC 2019 on Glambition Radio with Ali Brown
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Let’s do this! There’s some powerful energy in the air for 2019 around creating what you REALLY want next. But there are some major moves you have to consider first to get there, and I’m sharing them with you on this special solo episode of #GlambitionRadio.

My first recommendation may surprise you, and that’s not what to take on, but what to let go of. And I give you my special secret formula to identify those things quickly. You can’t move into your true ICONIC work until you decide what’s NOT up to par for you anymore. And I’m not even talking about habits, etc. I’m talking about what is ‘taking up room’ in your business model, for a start. 

Then, I share with you that with all the noise and chaos in nearly every industry right now—especially for those of you who represent yourself and your offerings online—what YOUR absolute BEST move could be right now to not only stand out from the pack, but attract the ideal clients and followers you’ve been wanting.    

I also share a sneak peek at my upcoming workshop, ‘ICONIC Content + IP Retreat, happening in Phoenix, March 19-21. Because I filled most of the seats at my recent ICONIC event, there are only 12 spots left. This is a very different type of retreat, with only 30 participants total, where we’re going to roll up our sleeves and break into your ICONIC messaging and models… on the spot. 

It’s a critical time for changemaking entrepreneurs and thought leaders to develop and disseminate their most powerful content and I.P. (intellectual property). To TRULY step into being a thought leader – and I don’t mean just posting positive platitudes online to a bevy of followers (there are plenty of those). I mean REALLY leading your audience to a new way of THINKING.

But making time for any of this in your everyday business life is nearly next to impossible. It’s time you create a place and a plan to get your true messaging out there, and I share how you can be sure to make this happen in 2019.

This is one you don’t want to miss. Listen now or download for later.

Enjoy, and if you like this episode please share with your community!

Xo Ali

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