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The prosperous woman…

There’s a big difference between just “following your bliss” and actually going out and growing a business that also fuels and funds your bliss. 

Yes, your prosperity is something you must focus on… otherwise your bliss will evade you in the end.

And there’s no better guest to have on TOMORROW’S “Business Bliss” web event than my new friend Kim Kiyosaki. She’ll be dropping by our studio here in Phoenix to discuss women and worth, and how we can become truly prosperous women.

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At the United Nations… What I learned…

This week I had the honor of being an official entrepreneur delegate at the first ever Global Accelerator Event at the United Nations in NYC. I was one of 100 entrepreneurs from around the world brought together to work on specific world issues. (Here’s a pic of my seat–in that big room where much of the world agenda is set… what an incredible energy there.)

It was an amazing experience to say the least. What I enjoyed most is the entrepreneurs I met had all traveled on their own dime because they wanted to give back, to be a part of the solution; and not one person I met there had a “get” vibe… it was all about the “give”.

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Money + bliss = :)

“Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls.” ~Joseph Campbell

YES! But easier said than done, right? Or is it?

Many of my clients tell me they can tap into their bliss, but they can’t sustain it when it comes to their businesses. They say it’s nearly impossible to seriously make a big profit while doing what they love.

They get close, but then find they are pulled one way or the other. Either working way too hard and losing their bliss, or not making enough money.

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Bliss is the "new black"…

In the past month, I was honored to be invited to the Forbes Women’s Summit and the Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network, where I met and hung out with the most extraordinary (and wildly successful) women entrepreneurs and business owners.
And you know the ONE THING the happy ones ALL have in common? They have found their “business bliss”. 
For me, I didn’t know what true “success” was until I found my business bliss… and since I’ve starting talking about this more, the interest in this subject has skyrocketed.

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Now THAT's what I'm talking about…

As you’ve been witnessing, what “success” means to me has changed a lot in the past few years.

I like to describe it as finally finding my “business bliss.” And the more women I talk to, the more I realize this is really our ongoing goal.

Yes, we want to make more money and have a successful venture. And it’s fun to have accolades and build something powerful. But it’s the vehicle to our bliss. 

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