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Money is the new ‘it’ topic for women (free training)

Thanks to sites like Daily Worth, women and money has become the new “it” topic for women to master. Suddenly, it’s cool to be talking about money, especially if you’re a woman entrepreneur and you love coaching or empowering others.

This topic is close to my heart, so I wanted you to know about my longtime client Kendall SummerHawk’s free training webinar “Money Breakthrough Coaching Secrets“, coming up next week.

Her money teachings are nothing short of incredibly powerful.

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Money + bliss = :)

“Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls.” ~Joseph Campbell

YES! But easier said than done, right? Or is it?

Many of my clients tell me they can tap into their bliss, but they can’t sustain it when it comes to their businesses. They say it’s nearly impossible to seriously make a big profit while doing what they love.

They get close, but then find they are pulled one way or the other. Either working way too hard and losing their bliss, or not making enough money.

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Get Booked Everywhere! FREE Livestream TODAY!

Just a quick reminder that my friend Lisa Sasevich, the “Queen of Sales Conversions”, goes live with her FREE training event in just a few hours.

“Get Booked EVERYWHERE” starts TODAY, Wednesday, March 19, at 1PM Pacific/4PM Eastern. Go here now to secure your spot. 

When you join Lisa, not only will you meet some incredible surprise guests, but she’ll also be covering the most  important steps to take if you want to make a big difference AND big money at the same time.

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