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Money is the new ‘it’ topic for women (free training)

kendall-summerhawkThanks to sites like Daily Worth, women and money has become the new “it” topic for women to master. Suddenly, it’s cool to be talking about money, especially if you’re a woman entrepreneur and you love coaching or empowering others.

This topic is close to my heart, so I wanted you to know about my longtime client Kendall SummerHawk’s free training webinar “Money Breakthrough Coaching Secrets“, coming up next week.

Her money teachings are nothing short of incredibly powerful.

Kendall will be sharing a conscious approach to making and keeping more money, specifically designed for women entrepreneurs at every level.

This FREE training is for you if you’re a coach, consultant or someone with expertise to share and you want:

* Kendall’s mindset template showing you 3 simple steps to completely eliminate that wicked “fraud factor” feeling (imagine how much this is going to free you to deliver your coaching/consulting magic with full confidence and authenticity)

* A 3 step checklist outlining exactly how to get powerfully “on your dime” when it comes to releasing negative money triggers (with this, you’ll begin to give yourself permission to earn more)

* An illuminating and practical money exercise Kendall will walk you through on-the-spot that gives you a new, conscious approach to spending

* One powerfully simple reason why coaching—and being coached—on money is a deeply spiritual journey (if you’re serious about personal growth and creating a thriving profitable business, you can no longer skip, else you risk playing small forever!

And more. I suggest you go here to get the details and reserve your spot now.

Love and success,

P.S. The new level you want to achieve in your business means you need a fresh approach in how you handle money, from the inside out. Kendall is delivering that and more. The webinar is coming up fast, next Thursday, January 22, so take a moment and grab your spot here!

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