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Up your sales in 2015…

If you’re like me, your holiday plans will include some quiet time to think about what you accomplished in 2014, and set new goals for 2015.

Increasing your sales is sure to be at the top of your list of goals, so you should know about a way to learn to up them quickly with the Sales Explosion Program developed by my friend Blair Singer.

Blair is a bestselling author and Rich Dad Advisor, and has helped companies and entrepreneurs in over 20 countries increase their revenues by 15-85% in a matter of weeks.

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“7 Mantras for Becoming a Money Magnet in the New Year” by Ali Brown

When I mentor my entrepreneur clients, most of them are surprised to discover that I often spend just as much time coaching them on a correct money mindset as I do on sound business strategies. How you think and feel about money is just as important as how you earn it. But if you don’t think and feel wealthy, then you’ll never get to that point.

So you need to think rich, feel rich, and take rich actions to achieve the lifestyle you want and to support the causes (and people) you care about.

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Our working together…

Can you believe we’re just weeks away from the new year? Yes, 2014!

Whenever I think about going into a new year, I think about new goals I’d like to reach. And who can help me reach those goals.

You know, I don’t know anyone who’s grown a wildly profitable business without getting the training or coaching they need for their specific situation. What you know by yourself can only take you so far.

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