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Lisa Larter

One simple strategy from Ali gained me $100K…

“One simple strategy A VIP day with Ali Brown is the equivalent of supercharging the direction of your business. Using one simple strategy from my time with Ali I was able to add $100,000 in revenue to my business by adjusting how I was marketing, positioning and pricing one of my core programs. I did all of that in under six months. In addition, Ali’s feedback on my writing style and how to leverage opportunities for content creation has changed my outlook and approach so writing has become easy, effortless and effective, instead of a challenge to come up with the right thing to say.

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Valerie Baker

“I came to work with Ali with a discovery that felt big, controversial, and disruptive. I needed expert business advice and strategies to get my work out in the world in a way that would position it to reach the altitude and magnitude that it deserved. Ali gave me all that and something even better. She breathed life into the seed of my platform and upheld it in such a way that gave me courage to accept this big assignment. Working with Ali was a unique combination of very astute, clear, and brilliant business advice and inner recalibration that felt like an initiation.

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Dr. Anne Arvizu

My work with Ali was worth its weight in gold. I was already a 7-figure achiever in my first business, but needed a mentor to trust to map out a new entrepreneurial idea. Ali extracts the genius in your content and pulls your mindset up to a higher level regarding presentation, execution, and creation of a simple, scalable content suite. I have since created and planned our first executive women’s retreat, legally secured my I.P., and started writing with an editorial agency that has caught my vision. Ali challenges your thinking up to an exponentially higher level.

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Amanda Tress

“Hiring Ali Brown has easily been one of the best business decisions I have ever made. Within the two years that I worked with Ali, I went from less than 7-figures to multiple 8-figures with her guidance. Even more importantly, Ali has helped me create a business model that I truly ENJOY. Ali is willing to ask me the hard questions and challenge me to elevate. Ali truly cares about my success and I’m so grateful for her support.”

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Jessica Rhodes

Making high ticket sales a mere 6 weeks after our VIP Strategy Day…

“When I flew in for my strategy day with Ali, I was in the middle of a big transition in my business. I was on the brink of phasing out my virtual team while hiring in house employees, and I was trying to figure out how to add VIP level offerings to my ideal clients. After working with Ali, I had complete clarity around the immediate future of my business and confidence that these massive changes were the right move for me.

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Eleanor Beaton

Within six months of hiring Ali, I finally broke through $1M in revenues for the year, but I really hired her because I wanted an advisor who had the track record and experience to help me navigate a period of intense growth in my business. From our first conversation, I knew that not only did she ‘get’ me and my business, but she also deeply understood the leader I am becoming. Within three months of engaging Ali, she helped me reposition my brand, offerings and marketing strategies. As a thought partner, Ali flags my blind spots and helps me sort through my ideas to identify which have the most strategic value to me and my business.

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Keith Abraham

The BEST investment I have made in my business in 20 years…

A strategy day with Ali Brown was the BEST investment I have made in my business in 20 years. What an amazing day of insights, ideas and inspiration. I’ll be booking another strategy package soon.”

Keith Abraham, Multi-Award Winning Keynote Speaker and Author, Queensland, Australia

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Kelsey Ramsden

Accomplished more in 3 months with Ali than would have taken a year to do…

“Working with Ali has resulted in a level of confidence and clarity for this next endeavour that I unequivocally did not have before our VIP Strategy Day. I have founded and scaled a number of multimillion dollar businesses, and I expect nothing less from my next venture, which is why I booked a day with Ali. It was full throttle strategy and implementation planning every moment. It has been 3 months since our VIP Day and it is safe to say that I have accomplished more in these 3 months than otherwise I would have taken a year to do.”

Kelsey Ramsden, award-winning entrepreneur, provocateur,
host of the Futureproofing podcast

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Chantelle Bruinsma Duffield

“Once I decided to work with Ali, my business and life became unrecognizable. My revenues doubled within the first 4 months, and then doubled AGAIN in the next 4 months. Today my business runs at multiple 7-figures, smoothly and joyfully. Best of all, I now have a highly leveraged, scalable business that gives me more time back than ever whilst making a bigger impact than ever. At the beginning of that first year of our work, I was deep in burnout needing ideas on what to do differently. Since working with Ali, not only has my business rapidly expanded, but I am more passionate about what I do than ever before!“

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Mara Stix

Made Extra $100,000 right after my VIP Strategy Day with Ali…

“My coaching with Ali was amazing. Just ONE idea she gave me in ONE day resulted in over $100,000 in new sales within a few weeks, and we’re going to implement this idea again on a monthly basis. I’m going to book another day with Ali in the coming year.”

Mara Stix, top online marketing coach, Germany

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