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Valerie Baker

I came to work with Ali with a discovery that felt big, controversial, and disruptive. I needed expert business advice and strategies to get my work out in the world in a way that would position it to reach the altitude and magnitude that it deserved. Ali gave me all that and something even better. She breathed life into the seed of my platform and upheld it in such a way that gave me courage to accept this big assignment. Working with Ali was a unique combination of very astute, clear, and brilliant business advice and inner recalibration that felt like an initiation. Ali’s belief in my work and the profound experience of appreciating its bigness and value through her eyes has shifted me on the energetic level. It has let my genie out of the bottle.

As a result of working with Ali, I met my annual revenue goal in under 4 months, while working at a pace and in a structure built around my values and vision for steady and sustainable business growth.

Ali’s leadership has the transformational quality that elevates women and shakes them out of the old patriarchal patterns of either playing small or burning out (or both) — so we’re able to make a whole new level of impact while staying in integrity with our values and needs. It’s the kind of leadership women have been hungry and thirsty for.

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