Inspiring Motivating Practical Breakthrough - Glambition Radio

Inspiring Motivating Practical Breakthrough

I have been listening to Ali’s Glambition Radio since the first episode and I have not missed a single one. Each and everyone is packed with practical information from the top women leaders in the world. Every conversation is inspiring and very useful, no BS on the show. Ali calls women to stand in their power, to step out of the comfort zone, to think and act for the breakthrough of everyone. It is relevant for all women, regardless if you are in USA, Australia, France or like myself grew up and live in Warsaw, Poland. The shows comes with many bonuses, one is opportunity to know and follow work of many top Thought Leaders invited to the show. If you are a women who runs the business or dream about starting one, and you have a time for one podcast only- Glambition is worth every second of it.

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