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The attack of "tall poppy syndrome"

Your most remarkable qualities are the foundation of your greatest successes.
However, have you ever noticed that sometimes when you shine, others get uncomfortable with it?
It’s called “tall poppy syndrome” — the social phenomenon of when accomplished people, experts, or leaders are resented, attacked, cut down, or criticized because their talents or achievements elevate them above their peers.
Unfortunately, it’s not only the people around us. Sadly, we do it to ourselves too, creating a vicious cycle that has to stop.
Well, I’m ready. And so is my good friend Baeth Davis. Please join us on a special teleseminar TOMORROW, Thursday, August 12 for all women to step up and realize the future — ours and that of the world — truly does depend on us.
REVELATION: A Call to Women. By Women. For Women.
with Ali Brown and Baeth Davis
TOMORROW, Thursday, August 12, 2010
8pm Eastern
Let us help you release the brakes on your business and your life. This may be the most important call you’ve ever attended.
Find out more here now.
I hope you join us TOMORROW.
Love and success,

P.S. It’s time women committed to lift each other up and commit to not bring ourselves down. Learn more about TOMORROW’s call here.
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