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The gift of a plateau in your business…

Many clients who come work with me do so because their businesses has reached a plateau.

A tremendously successful plateau, but… a plateau.

Or even, they have started to see sales declining. They just aren’t getting the numbers they used to get so easily and naturally.

Is that you?

First of all, congratulate yourself for the success you’ve already reached. Often when we reach a plateau it means we have built a stable and solid venture. It’s the top of that traditional business S-curve.

Second of all, you’re not alone. Behind the scenes, many leading ‘gurus’ and experts and coaches are experiencing this at this very moment — more than you can guess.

And here’s where we weed out the women from the girls, the men from the boys.

You see, a plateau or stagnation is a wonderful time… for a CHANGE.

If you resist, and just keep trying to market harder, you’re going to hit the wall and start to decline.

If you’re open and ready for a shift, it can actually be a very exciting time — whether your business just needs some rejiggering or a full on reinvention.

But today, let’s just look at a few of the basic problems you may be running into.

When we often reach a plateau or sticking point in our businesses, it’s usually due to one of three problem areas.

1) Your marketing isn’t working like it used to.

Your previous marketing plan (methods, reach, etc.) just won’t cut it to break through to the next level. Especially if you always relied on one type of media (e.g. Facebook ads) or one source of referrals (e.g. a particular joint venture partner). Sometimes when someone has a business problem, it just comes down to a marketing problem.

2) Your audience isn’t responding like they used to.

With all the market saturation and market consolidation these days, it’s likely you’ve maxed out your current market and need to reassess whether they are the right people or if you should expand or even completely change your target. (Or maybe YOU have personally evolved past your previous market and need to shift gears to a higher-level client or new kind of customer. Hmmm…)

3) Your product or service just isn’t selling like it used to.

Consider changing WHAT you offer your clients and/or HOW it’s offered. For example, if you sell coaching or information, perhaps your peeps want a 6-week course instead of a year long membership (or vice versa). Or instead of virtual training they would like live meetings. Mix it up. One of my colleagues switched his entire model from straight teaching to a package of consulting with done-for-you services, with multiple 7-figure success.

There are more areas to look at, but those are the main three I see with clients who have reached a plateau.

And a plateau is a perfect invitation to shake things up, to look at not only what will work for your business but what truly lights YOU up. 

This is just ONE of the sessions I’ll be leading at my LIVE workshop this fall to help you determine what and how you may now need to do differently, within all the market saturation and consolidation we’re seeing—especially online.

It’s just one part of your mission to become… ICONIC.

On October 24 & 25, I’m inviting 50 leaders to join me in Los Angeles, California for powerful two-day retreat.

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Love and success,



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