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The ‘myopic business epidemic’…

I’m doing a bit of a RANT this week along with some educated observations on this solo episode of #GlambitionRadio, and the subject is the epidemic of myopic business owners.

Myopic basically means being nearsighted, lacking foresight, or lacking insight.

Especially within the current online madness, I still see too much ‘following the leader’ and not enough critical thinking. In many cases I’m seeing a lack of even ‘common sense’ thinking.

I see entrepreneurs who consider themselves ‘innovative’ locked into only improving the model that has worked in the past. They don’t even want to test new methods. And when problems arise, they simply work the model harder. It’s akin to digging a deeper and deeper hole they can’t emerge from.

(This is especially evident with those who have simply learned one model of selling something online – for example, the Facebook ads to a free call and then enrolling prospects into some type of service or program. On the show I discuss how yes, this formula works well for some, or for awhile, but there will be a day when something in the formula stops working. And then what do they get stuck doing? Listen and learn.)

And here’s where we think and say we are ‘innovators’ but we are not. A recent blog post by Seth Godin got me thinking about this recently.

Unless you are continually trying things that are technically UNPROVEN, you are not innovating.

(Ladies: THIS is what separates the real BOSS leaders from the ‘girl bosses’.)

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