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The words to say it…

Over the past week, I’ve taken some time to truly absorb and process the recent horrific events and their overwhelming response worldwide. I’ve also been considering what our specific role can be as a company, and where to personally go from here as a leader.

I abhor brutality. I abhor injustice. I abhor racism. And I understand that’s just the start though of the awareness and convictions we need to have and claim about what has been simmering here… this huge movement around #blacklivesmatter that has broken through to the surface for correction. A massive wave we can’t deny that is having us all consider what type of change this calls out for each of us.

I’ve been having private conversations with many of my own clients and colleagues — some powerful discussions and some new and helpful perspectives. I’ve been blessed in recent years to have naturally attracted a racially and culturally diverse group. These women were more than open to take my calls and questions, and there were some tears and sadness, along with a bit of excitement at the power of the further dialogue that has opened up for us.

Our country must do better. So must we. And I am going to continue to seek further opportunities to do so.

I am thrilled that, by serendipitous timing, my guest on this week’s #GlambitionRadio podcast is Dafina Smith, founder of Covet & Mane. She’s an amazing entrepreneur and a member of my Trust network. As a black business leader, she was graciously willing to ‘go there’ on the show and talk about current events, and where we can go from here. It’s a powerful conversation, and I hope you can give it a listen when it posts on Wednesday.

None of us has all the answers right now. But we are listening.

And we are open to your responses and comments — just hit ‘reply’. Thank you for being here.


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