"This media event starts tomorrow...will you be there?" - Glambition Radio

"This media event starts tomorrow…will you be there?"

If you’re at all interested in generating the kind of mass-media attention that changes lives and expands your business to the growing point, you won’t want to miss this upcoming telecourse.
TOMORROW, Thursday, September 16, Anne McKevitt is teaching a new course on creating strategic PR to capture the attention of the media.

“Your Complete PR Agency Toolkit™ — How to Build a Buzz About You or Your Business, and Launch Your Own Campaign”
12-Session Telecourse with Anne McKevitt
September 16 – November 18, 2010
Get all the scoop for the course here.
Anne has been on both sides of the camera for more than 20 years, launching major multi-million dollar companies from scratch in several industries along the way. With a stack of print articles that’s even taller than she is, Anne has become a master PR strategist who knows how to get the media on her side. And then to exploit that attention for maximum mileage on TV, radio, in print and online.
When you learn how to do it, creating a wave of attention for your business can become as automatic as paying your bills each month. And when your PR campaigns start taking hold, they can do more to create business than you could ever hope to with paid advertising. Plus, well-placed PR costs little or nothing to get started.
To show you how it’s done, Anne has prepared this 12-part telecourse in strategic PR from start to finish. It’s designed to guide you from news-media newbie to PR star in just weeks, carrying your business along with you as you catch the attention of major media.
There’s no reason why your business shouldn’t be the next big news story. But you’ll have to move quickly… Your Complete PR Agency Toolkit™ with Anne McKevitt starts tomorrow!
Catch a media wave and register here now.
Love and success,

P.S. Anne is famous for her billion-dollar business smarts and no-holds-barred approach. She’s sharing everything she knows about high-value PR in this one-time-only course… if you’re quick enough to catch it! Press here to register now.
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