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Time to ditch the "formula"?

One thing I’m really enjoying right now is cooking. (Yes, I know that may surprise you. I was the queen of takeout in my single days.)
But working with food takes me out of my “business mind” and puts me in my feminine and creative mind. And into family mode.
However, I will admit… I am not a great cook.
I rely solely on recipes to get by!
If you find a good recipe and follow it exactly, you have the best chance of getting a great result.
I learned the hard way when I tried to add my own “spin” on things too early, it would NOT result in a great meal. (My hubby Brett can attest.)
But, after a few years, you know you’re a “real” cook when you can ditch the recipes and start whipping up your own stuff. You’ve built a solid foundation, and you have confidence in making your own choices and taking smart risks.
And I see a similar process to growing your business online.
We all start off following formulas. (I myself was the creator of the original Online Success Blueprint!)
BUT… there comes a time when after you’ve done that for a while, you’ll find your results are plateauing.
Or you’re doing well, but honestly you’re just kind of bored.
You’re going, “OK, is this it? Is this the rest of my life? Running these programs and selling stuff online? Hmmm. Are there other opportunities right in front of me I’m not seeing?”
And then, you consider…
It may be time to DITCH the formula!
I see this typically happening once you’ve been in business for at least 5 years or more, and have mastered making the multiple six figures.
This is also when most women ask, “Where do I go now? To learn real strategy? (Not just online marketing.) And real leadership skills? And meet other women who are REALLY at my level or above?”
The answer is, my upcoming private Repower Workshop.
I am BEYOND excited to finally host a small retreat of this nature—with women ONLY at this level.
We already have several women leaders signed up for Repower, with business revenues ranging from the high six-figures to over $4 million. And some of them are names you would know.
What a powerful group we are going to have.
And a unique experience.
Won’t you join us?
Take a look here to learn more, and reserve your spot if you qualify.
This event is limited to 37 seats total, so please note it’s first come, first served.
I think you’re ready for something different.
Love and success,
Ali Brown Signature
P.S. If this event isn’t a good fit for you (yet), feel free to forward this to a leader you feel will benefit. I’d be happy to consider her.

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