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Time to re-work it?

“You have been thinking one way. Now you have to think a different way.”
~ Joseph Campbell

Once you make it into the multiple six-figures or seven, a shift happens.

You realize you “get” the model. You get the steps. You get the blueprint.

But you know there’s something more.

And it’s not just higher revenues.

You know there are ways to step into higher LEADERSHIP and be of higher service.

You also know there are OTHER women out there who want to grow and lead like you.

And you’d like to know WHERE those women can be found.

They’ll be at my upcoming REPOWER WORKSHOP.

Repower = Rethink + Reposition + Redesign + Revive

You will complete this retreat with:

* Fresh strategies, insights, and a plan for a NEW (not just your next) level of business

* Your unique path to true thought leadership and growth

* Valuable new colleagues and connections who are at your same level of business, or higher

I am BEYOND excited to finally host a small retreat of this nature–with women ONLY at this level.

We already have many women leaders signed up for Repower, with business revenues ranging from the high six-figures to over $4 million. And some of them are names you would know.

What a powerful group we are going to have! And a unique experience.

Won’t you join us?

Take a look here to learn more, and reserve your spot if you qualify.
This event is limited to 37 seats total, so please note it’s first come, first served.

I think you’re ready for something different.

Love and success,

P.S. If this event isn’t a good fit for you (yet), feel free to forward this to a leader you feel will benefit. I’d be happy to consider her.

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