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When Shonda Rhimes came to AZ

I’m about to head out for a personal retreat a few hours away in the Sonoran Desert… to dream ‘what’s next’. And it got me thinking about Shonda Rhimes.


Shonda achieved almost everything a TV producer could hope for during her long run at ABC. 

She evolved into not only one of the most prolific writer-producers in the business, but also a mogul, as the founder and head of her Shondaland production company.

ABC filled its entire Thursday night lineup with her shows — from ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ to ‘Scandal’ and ‘How to Get Away With Murder’ — but she was… restless.

And a few years ago, it was time for something new. A 9-figure offer from Netflix including open creative reign was the perfect place to jump.

Her problem, however?

She shared she was now staring at a blank screen, expected to better her best. 

She admitted she felt nearly out of ideas. (Have you ever felt like that?) 

So — here’s the part I love! — she came to… Arizona.

It was HERE she chose to move to for awhile, to get grounded for a new creative boost. And it led to her next BIG project.

She knew she needed a new environment, a new kind of stimulation, to kickstart her superpowers once again.

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Ok, I’m off. And here’s to your next BIG, bold move. 🙂


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