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When you raise the bar, others raise theirs too…

This is me, yesterday, reviewing the final touches we’ve put on our private app for my new network, The Trust.

It’s for the women leaders who have done the work. They’ve reached the higher numbers. They’ve proven themselves. They’re tired of going to events where there isn’t anyone else to learn from. And they are craving a powerful network of other vetted 7- and 8-figure women entrepreneurs, with access to exclusive events, special guest advisors, and more.

The Trust is the new, private premier global network for women entrepreneurs with businesses generating over $1 million dollars annually.

Our mission is to accelerate the power of proven women entrepreneurs who are in positions to scale up and create impact.

I knew I wanted the minimum revenues to join to be $1 million, but I am thrilled to share the average revenues of our founding members so far are around the $5 millionmark, and I’m speaking with several women in the coming weeks at much higher revenue levels as well who are interested in joining us.

The Trust is about world-class standards and legacy-level work. So I’m doing this very differently.

Membership is by invitation only. And here’s my ‘ask’ of you…

If you or a woman you know is currently running a business verifiably generating at least $1 million per year, this is your invitation to learn more, apply to be a founding member, and join us for our official kickoff event this March 4-5 in Miami Beach.

Just go to JoinTheTrust.org to complete our brief inquiry form.


P.S. If you haven’t heard all the details yet, you’ll want to listen to this particular powerful episode of Glambition® Radio now, because it lays out the big problems with women’s networks I’ve observed that led me to this creation. And I have a feeling you’ll relate to it.

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