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"Why I Love Marissa Mayer's Profile in Vogue" by Ali Brown

Just finished reading VOGUE’s profile on Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer. I think her saying “yes” to a glamorous photo shoot was *awesome*. The poor woman, who has just been WHO she is to get where she is, is being lambasted from every angle simply because she’s female. If she was a guy, no one would give a hoot about half of this stuff she’s being picked apart on… her maternity leave, her new company policies, and more. MOST important, her progress at Yahoo — turning around a company most were writing off last year — has been significant. THAT is what she was hired for.
People seem to think when a woman DOES achieve, she owes it to every woman in America to be their perfect role model. And of course since all women have a different opinion on what that should be, she can’t “win” at that. But she’s smart — she’s just doing her thing and turning around a company (and wearing some killer clothes doing it :)). This article really portrays that. Can we all take a breath and just let women at the top be who they are? It’s a great article, and you should definitely read it here.

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