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Why It's NOT About a "Bigger Game"… 

Since I started working with women business owners years ago—and I’ve worked with thousands at this point—I immediately noticed how different we were compared with men who start businesses.
When I get to talking with these women, and ask them about their TRUE reasons for starting a business, I listen to the words they use:
Words like purpose and passion…
mission and message…
freedom and lifestyle…
love and family…
prosperity and abundance.

It was obvious these women were using this opportunity—creating a business of their own—to step into who they were really meant to become.
Nowhere did I hear they wanted to “play a bigger game, dominate their market, kill their competition, do the biggest launch in their industry”, or just make a ton of money. Nothing wrong with that, but those goals are from the old boys’ biz playbook.
While most guys (and some women) using the old model still choose to compete, conquer, kill, and “go bigger”…
We choose to ELEVATE.
We choose to step into who WE truly are, and design a lucrative, purposeful business around that.
It isn’t the easy route all the time.
Layers are removed, walls come down, and fears emerge as we open our hearts and minds during this leap of faith.
But there is no greater joy or reward than making a living being yourself, doing what you were meant to do, in a business designed around your personal lifestyle, and—hell to the yes—making great money, to boot!
The Elevate Revolution is here, ladies and gentlemen.
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