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Why it's NOT simple to start a business right now…

If I could make you instantly feel relieved and energized about your business right now, would you let me? And can I do that for FREE? Yes?
Great! Years ago, when you wanted to start a business, things were pretty simple…
Your operations consisted of a storefront or office and a cash register. Your advertising plan was a good sign, a yellow-page ad, and perhaps posting flyers around town. These things cost money, but your plan wasn’t complicated.
TODAY, while technology has actually made it EASIER and nearly FREE to start a business (especially from home), the downside is that it’s actually become more COMPLEX!
Not complex to get started, but complex to navigate through what you REALLY need to do.
For example, today your marketing alone could consist of a website, blogging, ezine, FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, tradeshows, direct mail, video series, affiliate programs, and more. And don’t forget about managing your shopping cart system, list service, autoresponders, virtual assistants, bookkeeping, etc. Agggh!
(Pssst, wouldn’t it be GREAT to know exactly WHAT you need to do, and what you DON’T?)

This is just ONE of the topics covered on the free webinar I’ve put together for you. It’s called “Solid Steps to Success” and it takes place Wednesday, July 24 at 8pm ET. Reserve your free spot here.

This webinar is hosted by my Elevate colleague Sue Painter. Together, you’ll dive into:
* 3 KEYS that will reveal if YOUR business will be successful, period. (Yes, really. You’ll be happy to hear how simple this is, and you’ll get an INSTANT “a-ha” on the webinar.)
* How to get out of overwhelm, IMMEDIATELY. For new business owners, it’s about where to start first. And for those of you further along, how to get re-focused fast. (You will LOVE this!)
* What you ABSOLUTELY need to focus on in your marketing, what you don’t, and how to keep that simple, too. (Hint: You’re actually doing way too much. I’ll explain what I mean.)
* The 5 keys to making money with your business RIGHT AWAY—and over the long-term too. (There’s a difference, and I’ll help you plan for both: generating short-term cash-flow while you move toward your long-term plan.)
I promise you will leave this webinar relieved and energized about your business venture, with next steps in hand!
Save your spot here now.
Love and success,

P.S. I designed this webinar especially for those in their first 3 years of a business venture, but we are receiving overwhelming response by all types of entrepreneurs. And I am happy to see that. Why? Because these SOLID STEPS are truly timeless and will benefit all business owners with a good foundation for success! Go here now to sign up.
P.P.S. Feel free to invite your clients, friends, and colleagues to this call by forwarding them this email. But be sure to reserve your spot here first before you forget! See you there 🙂
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