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Will you join me this Thursday?

I’m thrilled that so many of you said “YES” to my upcoming free call, “The 5 Commitments: Proven Strategies for Women to Guarantee Your Financial Success This Year“.

This is my first live call of 2013, and I’m hosting it with my Elevate colleague Joy Chudacoff THIS Thursday, February 28. Please join us!

Here’s what you’ll learn during our time together:

• The 5 commitments women MUST make in order to ensure your success

• Why it’s actually selfish NOT to say “yes” to yourself and to step into your highest good

• Why your current FRIENDS and FAMILY could actually be INHIBITING your success… and how to alleviate this problem so you don’t hold back taking your highest path (consciously or sub-consciously)

• “Bootstrapping” secrets… growing your business WITHOUT funding or investors (this is how we did it, and you can too)

• How to smartly navigate DEBT while you grow your venture—large or small (debt is NOT evil… it’s a tool you can use smartly)

• Why it’s actually a mistake for most new business owners to go right for PASSIVE income… without doing THIS first

• How to STOP your “feast or famine” cycle and end those 2 a.m. night-sweats about your income

• 3 ways to LEVERAGE your efforts so you make more money in less time

• Our BEST time management secrets—especially for FEMME-preneurs and moms (it’s a whole different approach!)

When to keep your business lean and SIMPLE, and when you should build multiple streams of income and add some complexity

See all the gems we’re packing into this call here, and register before you forget!

Don’t miss it!

Love and success,

P.S. We know this sounds like a lot to include in one call, but we’re going to do it! And we’ll also be telling you more about our thriving Elevate program, in which we coach women entrepreneurs from around the world. But first, reserve your free spot for Thursday’s call here now.

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