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You’re not high maintenance. You’re high concept.

“You’re not high maintenance. You’re… uh… high concept,” he said, eyeing me suspiciously across the table as he swirled his Scotch.

It was our second date, and that was when I knew I’d probably never hear from him again.

I was correct.

I wasn’t surprised, because smart women typically freak out LA men.

But I was thrilled, because he’d given me a true gift.

I’d finally been defined.

That was 2010, but I’d always been a different bird. Still am. And I’m guessing you are too.

Always thinking differently, putting new ideas together, wondering “what if”, and reveling in my revelations.

Challenging the status quo.

Happily saying ‘no’ to that which others say ‘yes’, and vice versa.

It can be incredibly frustrating when you have ideas that your current offerings aren’t capable of carrying.

When your genius is calling, but you’re trapped in your current model.

Some of the women I work with have birthed such powerful concepts that there literally aren’t yet words in our language to accurately describe and convey them.

But the biggest mistake they make is they try to fit into what everyone else is doing, because it feels safe.

They contort their concepts and content into models that are “proven” but never quite feel right. They reduce their ideas to simple teachings that attract the masses.

They’ve shrunk who they are being, because they think that’s what they need to do to make this work. And doing so, they’ve dimmed their light.

Listen closely, if this is you, because this is urgent.

It’s time you own your greatness, your brilliance, and your leadership of your industry.

This fall, I’m inviting 50 leaders to join me in Los Angeles, California for a powerful two-day retreat to become… ICONIC.

Because seating is so limited, I have a feeling registration won’t be open for long.

So, to be fair, I’m giving everyone a “heads up” and the opportunity to raise your hand for early notice when full information and registration goes live in the next two weeks. (My delay is your gain!)

Simply enter your info here and you’ll get on the list.

I haven’t had a U.S workshop in about two years, so I don’t know how fast this will sell out. Even if you’re just curious, I highly recommend you “raise your hand” now.

We already have hundreds on the list. And I’ve let a few of my clients snag early seats as well.

Meet you at the top. It’s less crowded up here. (And the air is better.)

Love and success,


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