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108 Places to Speak and Get NEW Clients

My friend and past client Lisa Sasevich just released a short, free training titled “How to Get NEW Clients by Speaking” that reveals exactly how to speak to potential clients in a way that draws people in and helps you grow your business.

But best of all, it includes a BRAND NEW bonus, “108 Places to Speak and Get NEW Clients”.

I wanted to send a quick email to make sure you knew about this, because I’m downloading it now myself.

If you currently speak for business, or would like to add speaking as a new marketing tool for your business, I highly recommend Lisa’s trainings. I’ve sent many clients to her over the years to learn her step-by-step processes for building your business with speaking, because simply, there’s no one better.

And I can say myself, over my entire career, I’ve found there’s been no better way to get high quality clients than from speaking!

This free training will show you exactly how to use speaking to find new clients with less effort so you can get traction fast.

Discover now how to land new clients with less effort and faster results.

Love and success,

P.S. Remember, the training itself will be helpful, but I’m really excited about her BRAND NEW directory, “108 Places to Speak and Get NEW Clients”, and you should be too. Get your copy here now.

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