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Join me tomorrow?

I’m hosting something special TOMORROW, and wanted to be sure you knew about it, as I haven’t done a personal free training in quite a while.

The topic is something that can dramatically change your coaching, consulting, or professional service business.

It can increase your revenues in a big way, very quickly.

And it’s incredibly simple to do (once you know the ins and outs).

And it’s something I’ve been doing for over a decade, but have returned to them being a big part of my model in the last few years as I grew tired of the ‘launch hamster wheel’.

They are “VIP days”, which are simply one-day intensives done with individuals or small groups, in person or virtual.

I’ve seen VIP days work in all kinds of categories: business coaching, life coaching, executive consulting, fitness, wellness… even fashion and style. And you DON’T need a large list or launch process to get started!

Because I’ve been getting many curious questions lately about how to host your own VIP days, I’m hosting a free training tomorrow with my good friend and longtime client  Kendall SummerHawk.

She has these VIP days down to a science, and teaches a super formula you can follow right away. And together, we’re hosting a complimentary training call where we’ll share how you can apply our behind-the-scenes VIP Day secrets to  your business.

Come join us for a fun, free, and VERY content-packed conversation on how to offer lucrative VIP Days TOMORROW, Tuesday, Sept. 12 at 4pm ET.

(The call will also be recorded — just still  register here for access.)

Here’s what we’ll be covering on the call:

  • Simple, low-tech ways to use VIP Days to solve the,  ‘How do I create cash flow quickly?’ question 

  • How easily VIP Days can give you the laptop lifestyle you love, to work from anywhere in the world 

  • A hour-by-hour schedule you can use immediately for your own VIP Days 

  • How to deliver your expertise in a VIP Day (learn the 4 styles and which works best for you) 

  • Exactly how much $ you can charge for your VIP Day (and own your worth in the process) 

  • PLUS… even a bit of juicy dish on VIP Day mistakes you will definitely want to avoid! (You’ll have a laugh with us on this one.)

I promise you’re going to love what you learn! All content, no B.S.

Register here now to join us on the line or get a copy of the recording.

Love and success,

P.S.  I’ve helped many clients add VIP Days to their business models and charge between $3K – $20K per day package, depending on their type of business, clients, and other factors. Why not you, too?

Come learn how you can add VIP days to your offerings — or improve your current VIP day model — here.


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