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Did you miss it? Replay available now

Did you catch the teleclass my good friend (and long-term client) Kendall SummerHawk and I hosted yesterday?

If you missed the call, I definitely recommend getting the replay while it is still available. This will be your only email reminder!

We walked through in detail how you can avoid the complex headaches of online launches with the simplicity of a VIP offering to your clients – mainly a “VIP Day”, which is simply a 1-day intensive. It’s perfect for all coaching and consulting businesses, but also for many professional service businesses.

Click here to access the REPLAY now

The call is jam packed with content, but less than 60 minutes long, so you can easily fit in listening today.

What did Kendall & I cover?…

We shared the ways we’ve used VIP Days to create a low-tech, low-launch (yes!), freedom-based business model.

Then we dived right into tips on exactly how long a VIP Day is, how to deliver them virtually versus live, how to get started without a list,and more.  

Next, we shared a template on how to structure your VIP Day, hour-by-hour (you’ll hear us go through it right in the call).  

Then we shared how to deliver your expertise in a VIP Day (there are 4 styles of content so you can choose the one that will work best for you).

Then Kendall & I went into detail about how much to charge (the simple pricing scale I gave makes it easy to pinpoint your pricing sweet spot).
We also shared bonus mindsets to help you own your worth (and a few mistakes to definitely avoid). 

And we covered why clients love to say yes to VIP Days (when you hear these you’ll want to write them down and pin them to your bulletin board).

And… we both shared the biggest mistakes we’ve experienced with VIP Days! (This one was fun too.)

But this call replay won’t be available for long, so you definitely want to get it while you can.

>> Click here to register and listen to the REPLAY now << 

Love and success,

P.S.  My clients love hosting their own VIP days as well. I’ve helped clients add these to their business models and charge between $3K – $20K per day package, depending on their type of business, clients, and other factors.

Come learn how you can add VIP days to your offerings — or improve your current VIP day model — here.

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