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"4 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Write ANY Marketing Message"

Your marketing message is the bridge that connects your business to the outside world. Even on your busiest day, you must filter out the madness happening behind the scenes and deliver your message in a clear, compelling way that gets results.

So how can you do this in a quick and easy way? The next time you sit down to craft your next marketing message — whether it’s for an email broadcast, a tweet, a sales letter, a video, or a brochure — ask yourself these FOUR questions.
QUESTION 1: “Who is your audience?”
Have you ever heard of a business owner who didn’t want everyone to love their product? Even when we know we should have a target market, it’s tempting to want to cater to the masses and eventually win them over. But usually when you try to please them all, you end up engaging no one — and this rings especially true when it comes to marketing copy.
Before you write down a word, you should know WHO your audience is. Many writers, dancers, singers, and actors — those in expressive, creative fields — are often advised to zero-in on one person in the audience and perform for that individual. That way, you know you’re connecting with one person, and there’s a good chance others will perk up for your message as well. Try this exercise for yourself and see how much it helps.
QUESTION 2: “What do they want?”
Once you’ve got an image or idea of that one person reading your marketing message, try to think of what they need. And think outside of your product on this one ;). If it’s Monday, maybe they’ve got the post weekend blues and need some inspiration. A new mom might need a laugh. Think of all types of needs that this person might have, like assurance, relief, hope, fun, connection, to name just a few.
Don’t limit yourself. Even just having a few different needs of your audience floating around in your head while you write will help.
QUESTION 3: “How can you meet their needs?”
Brainstorming potential needs of your target market can make it easy to come up with your “angle” — the decisive way in which you’ll appeal to your audience.
From a marketing perspective, you want to be able to match your audience’s needs with your product/service. But if you can’t set up a perfect match, it’s okay — just be sure to satisfy the need. So, if you like the idea of offering a little inspiration to your readers in your Monday morning broadcast, be sure to deliver inspiration. Only when you satisfy that need is it okay to make your call to action.
QUESTION 4: “What next step do you want them to take?”
It’s funny how many people forget to make this part clear in their marketing messages. As much as you want your readers to opt-in to your ezine, become a fan on Facebook, attend your seminar, and buy your product, you MUST focus on only ONE “call-to-action”!
So, think about what you want your readers to do at the end of your message. And be aware that it’s not always about making the direct sale. For example, email messages are usually not the best vehicle to SELL your products. You’re much better off driving them to your website, your video, or your customer service department to learn more. These longer sales tools are where you can really go in for the close. So your call-to-action in an email might be to get them to go to your sales page online.




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