"Ask Ali: How do I find my true purpose?" - Glambition Radio

"Ask Ali: How do I find my true purpose?"

Question: I know I am destined for greater things. I am smart and willing to do the work. My current business is NOT my purpose, just a learning tool. How do I find my true purpose?
— Tara Truax, Always Quality Cleaning, Ellensburg, Wash.
Ali’s Answer: “Tara, I am delighted you know you are here to make a difference, and you are seeking your true purpose! For many years I was not aware of mine, but all I did each day was say YES to decisions that I felt were in my greatest good, whether they were business or personal. In 2005 that led me to meeting a very special woman named Baeth Davis, who specializes in identifying your personal purpose. (www.yourpurpose.com)
Let me just say at first I was skeptical, because she uses hand analysis as the process, but I said YES to a session in 2006. I was quickly blown away, and fascinated to learn that hand analysis was developed and proven by neuroscientists. Since that fateful day, my life has been clearer and I walk on my path in peace. I know exactly what to say YES to, as well as what will always get in my way if I’m not careful. (That ugly part is your life lesson, which you learn by working with Baeth as well. Wow, that part is eye opening! And you can use it to quickly identify anywhere you have been holding back.) This can all be done via one session with her, or I believe she even has a DIY program also. Also Baeth is training people to be certified in hand analysis, if you’re interested in adding it to your professional skill set to work with clients or friends. Please learn more about her at www.yourpurpose.com.” — Ali
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