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"4 Ways to Set Yourself Up for Success This Fall" by Ali Brown

Those of us who have been in business for a while know that being an entrepreneur comes with seasons of our own. We have seasons of growth, renewal, rest, and change—and all are vital to our prosperity and happiness. As we enter a new season after a relaxing summer, it’s an opportune time to get charged up for a strong finish to 2011.
Below, some helpful tips on how to set yourself up for a productive and prosperous season ahead.
1. Review your Business Goals
Take some time to evaluate the goals you set for yourself and your business for 2011. Did you increase sales? Upgrade your product line? Attend more networking events? Or, did your lofty goal of becoming a millionaire this year not exactly pan out?
Don’t be afraid to make changes if some of your goals are now outdated, or simply becoming roadblocks to attaining what you really want. Look for the end results you truly want to achieve, like flexible work schedule, better balance between work and life, working with more of your ideal clients, increasing revenues, etc.
Take some time to evaluate where your business is today, and where you would like it to be in three months, six months, one year, and five years. There are always new decisions to be made, so allow yourself some flexibility. But keep in mind that the best goals are specific and measureable. For example, setting a goal to increase sales by 10% in the next six months is more viable versus setting a goal to just get more clients.
2. Organize Your Workspace
I’m often surprised at the number of clients I’ve worked with who have not created a separate workspace for themselves. They (and maybe you?) still work on their dining tables with piles of papers lying around in different rooms—and it screams, “I’m not ready to take my business seriously”.
There’s something undeniably temporary about not working on a proper desk, or having the proper office equipment necessary to work efficiently and professionally. We think, “I’ll get a desk (or new printer, or file cabinet) when I have a full-time workload, or [XYZ] happens.” But this thinking actually holds you back.
It’s likely that lack of space or money is not what’s stopping you from getting organized. So, be courageous and take action no matter what. Invest in a file cabinet, clean out a closet and create your own work nook JUST FOR YOU. It’s more empowering (and fun!) than you may realize.
3. Be Aware of Your Energy Zappers
We all have a limited supply of energy that we can use either here or there. That’s where the choices of life come into play. Women, especially, are naturally inclined to give this energy out to the world—to our jobs, friendships, families, etc. But when you start to give this vital energy to yourself instead, you create more energy for your own inner growth, and it will naturally expand to the world around you.
To get started, think about some common problem spots. Lack of exercise and sleep, an unhealthy diet, toxic people, and cluttered physical environments can quietly zap you of energy over time. Take an honest assessment of your daily habits, and start to make gradual changes that you know will feel good. (Trust me, nobody complains about getting 8 hours of sleep minimum a night—so start with that one! ;))
4. Take Your Time Seriously
Being more productive does not mean being more busy. It simply means getting the right things done—the ones that matter most—on a day-to-day basis. Successful entrepreneurs are the ones who practice productivity day in, and day out. And all the tips shared above can fuel this purpose in your life and business.
For example, getting clear on your goals, saying no to energy zappers, and getting organized can actually make it very easy to decide what is worth your time, and what isn’t. Time, in a way, becomes the guardian of your values. The more you honor your time, the more you’ll see your goals come to fruition and the life you’ve dreamt of finally began to come alive.
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