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"57 Income Streams to Choose From!"

Whether you’re a mom-preneur running your first kitchen-table startup or an established owner of a 7-figure enterprise, what I’m about to share may surprise you…
It’s likely you are sitting on an extra $1,000 to $10,000 of potential income a month.
How do I know this? Because I’ve identified 57+ highly effective revenue streams that you could be using in your business right now. And, even if you aren’t ready to implement them all, just ONE of these ideas can skyrocket your income—and keep you competitive in today’s economy.
I’d like to help you tap into these hidden revenue sources within YOUR business. Please join me for: “57 Income Streams: For More Money, Now and Later.” It’s my brand new, 4-part telecourse, where I will walk you through a giant all-you-can-eat menu of 57+ moneymaking ideas to try on for yourself.  And, if you register TONIGHT before midnight, you’ll save $50.
Here’s just a sampling of what we’ll cover during the telecourse:
7 different models of delivering personal services
* 6 models to consider and how each can work to boost your income, whether you want to try hosting a small networking mixer or a large conference
* 9 separate income streams for businesses within the active information publishing/training field
* How to create a product once… and then getting paid for it again and again and again
* 4 specific ways to add “guest-based” income streams to your biz (this model is fabulous for those of you who have small lists and limited resources)
* How licensing your methods or your products will bring you recurring income
* How to put together ancillary offers that will bring you extra cash (People like and will pay for convenience, and there are many ways to give them what they want.)
* How to find immense distribution channels for your products (just ONE big order from one of these can result in hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of products sold!)
Trust me, this course is worth its weight in GOLD. 😉 Don’t miss it!
But hurry—my $50 Early Bird Discount ends TONIGHT, October 10, at midnight.

Get the full scoop here now.
Love and success,

P.S. This is one of the juiciest courses I’ve ever created. (And the truth is, I’ll be sharing close to 70 income strategies by the time the course is over!) Plus, you’ll find out which ones work best for YOUR specific situation—and how you can determine if you’re truly ready for them. Get all the details here now.

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