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Ask Ali: "I Need Help Navigating the Changes that Come from Fulfilling My True Purpose"

Question: Hi Ali, I’m feeling called to follow my heart to more spiritual pursuits, perhaps a minister; big change from independent dental hygienist. How to navigate these huge changes?
—Vicky Flint, Dental Hygiene Haven, Fort Collins, Colo.
Ali’s Answer: “Hi Vicky. You’re not alone right now in searching for more meaning in your life and also more powerful ways to be of service to others. Many of us are stepping into who we need to be to help ourselves and the world through this powerful and rocky transition that’s happening through 2012 and beyond. And in a way, as we all build community and connection, we are already ministers in our own circles.
First ask yourself, is being a minister a true calling, or are you looking simply to escape running a business? One of my escapist fantasies is to run away to Mexico and make jewelry ;). I know when that sounds good to me, it means I am working way too hard! I have a feeling though this is a true calling for you. And if it is, there’s no reason you can’t begin your journey now, while you also work in your current career.
I’m not sure what type of seminary you’ll be attending—single faith or multi-faith—but many are designed for working professionals and also have distance learning programs that allow you to participate fully from where you are. Dedicate one day a week to this new pursuit, or a few hours each evening, as you’ll need more structure in your calendar now to pull this off.
Then, looking forward, consider how you’d make a living in this vocation. Talk with other ministers and lay out all your options. You don’t need all the answers now, but just begin planting some seeds in your mind as to how this could look in your life! I have to say I love your current website at It’s obvious you have great marketing skills that could easily transfer into whatever career you choose, including ministry. Keep learning about business and marketing because it will come in extremely handy in the future. After all, it’s about getting the word out, inviting response, and building a community.
And, last but not least, look at how you could even integrate your current profession with your new mission. We are all here to be of service, so in a way your ministry has already begun. In your dental practice you help people feel good about themselves and their health. I bet you are helping them more than you realize. Start a spiritual book club or weekly conference call that centers on a rotating topic, and invite your clients. Add a tab to your website that says “Community” or something similar, and introduce the concept of sharing spirit and strength with each other. No pressure, just an invitation—and you may be surprised who’s interested in joining you!
Please keep me posted as I’m so excited for you! And if you need referrals to a few who have made this leap, let me know. And for the rest of you, do you have a calling to do something other than you are doing now? Is it a spiritual calling? How are you managing it and what are your plans? Please comment below!”
Love and success,

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