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"6 Easy Ways to Revive Your Business & Your Passion" by Ali Brown

Most successful entrepreneurs will tell you that to stay passionate about your work, you must infuse new life and purpose into your business on a daily basis. It’s not always about throwing out your old ways of doing things. Sometimes, all it takes are a few small changes.
Read on for six ways you can revive your passion and purpose in your business.

1. Appreciate your peeps
Take a break from number-crunching and ground yourself in an equally valuable and tangible asset: your clients and customers. Think of ways you can show them you value them, whether it be a gracious Tweet, a customer appreciation sale, or a coupon to your loyal clients. You’d be surprised how your mood will change when you acknowledge what you DO have in your life.
2. Get your team excited
It’s important for you to be excited about your business, but your employees should also be equally invested and excited in the future of the company. Share often with your employees about new developments, where the company is going and what can be done to get there. Make your team feel like an active part of company culture and lead by example. To keep your team engaged, try to uncover hidden strengths by matching employees to new projects out of their usual roles.
3. Take a risk
Yes, it can be scary to break away from a model that has proven successful, but you have to realize something important: It’s your own passion for your business, rather than any particular model, that drives its success. You don’t have to throw out your #1 revenue generator, but think of some add-ons you can create to enhance your current offerings, or new ways to package your services or products. The bottom line is, when things are getting a little dull, don’t be afraid to shake things up!
4. Invest in yourself as you would your business
Many business owners forget to take care of themselves because they spend so much time taking care of their business. But, if you aren’t feeling your best, how can your business be expected to grow and thrive? Take the time to feed yourself with daily exercise, proper nutrition and plenty of sleep. You’ll be ready and able to approach your business with the necessary passion and commitment each day.
5. Get networking!
There are few better ways to get excited about your business than by forming new business relationships or simply meeting fellow entrepreneurs in your local community. Join a local nonprofit, attend a conference, or go to a networking event in your town. Talking about your business to others might help revive your spirit, and you might learn some new strategies from your new connections (not to mention potential clients or leads).
6. Look to the future
When you get bogged down in the day-to-day details of running a successful business, it’s all too easy to lose sight of the big picture. Learn to look past the present obstacles and see what the future holds. Ask yourself if your business strategy is centered around your personal business values and mission statement. Visualize the future you’d like to see for your company, and map out the action plan you need to get there. It might not happen overnight, or exactly the way you planned, but your persistence will pay off, as long as you stay the course.
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