A $1B businesswoman, a SuperNanny, and more surprises... - Glambition Radio

A $1B businesswoman, a SuperNanny, and more surprises…

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A bit about these episodes…

Jessica Herrin – Meet the *billion-dollar* founder & CEO of Stella & Dot who still admits there are some nights you have to get over being supermom and just feed your family the supermarket chicken. That was just one of the chuckles Jessica Herrin and I had on this fantastic, fresh conversation on Glambition Radio. (This is her 2nd time on the show, too!) Her new book, Find Your Extraordinary, is out, and I have to say it’s an absolute must-read for women. But THIS is also a must-listen interview!

* Val Wright – She went from working in a department store to becoming the “go-to” business consultant for corporations like Amazon, Starbucks, Microsoft, and DreamWorks during their most rapid periods of growth. She shares the secret to being an exceptional leader in her new book, Thoughtfully Ruthless and you’ll enjoy her unique point of view.

Carolyn Rodz – has raised billions of dollars for start-ups and Fortune 500 companies. But, it’s Circular Board, the business accelerator Carolyn created exclusively for women, that made her one of Entrepreneur Magazine’s 2016 “Women to Watch”, and is bringing her the most success in helping other women fund and scale their companies. You’ve got to get to know this gal. (I just spoke on stage at her recent Summit and it was fantastic.)

Jo Frost – You’ve binge watched the show. You know the naughty step. And you’ve been wondering what Jo Frost is up to these days. Well, we’ve got the original SuperNanny here on Glambition Radio! Hear how she built her personal brand worldwide, her best tips for personal success, and all about her new show. (And of course I cornered her for some toddler tantrum tips too. 😉

Christy Wright – This business coach was handpicked by Dave Ramsey to help pave the way for his women followers to win in business. Their new Business Boutique events encourage women to step into their gifts and unapologetically make money by doing something they love. And I love her faith-based foundation.

Barbara Stanny – When Barbara Stanny’s ex-husband left her with a million dollars in debt, she went on a quest to get smart about money. What she learned turned her into a women’s wealth expert and best-selling author spreading the message of financial empowerment. Now she’s on a mission to show women how to improve their net worth and self-worth, and I’m honored to have her as a client! Her books, Overcoming Underearning and Saved Success are must reads as well.

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