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“About Women and Money”

Did you know that women are “wired” to handle money completely differently than men?

Women typically crave security, a beautiful environment, and helping their family or community, while men typically are driven by the desire to provide, as well as accumulate status toys (such as cars, boats, etc.).

Now, of course some of us have a bit of both… (I loooooove my white Jag XK convertible! Meow!) But what I want to emphasize is women need to learn how to end — once and for all — the self-sabotaging money habits that keep them from achieving success and creating the kind of security they must have to feel happy, safe, and successful.

Great news: I’m teaming up with my multimillion-dollar Diamond member, Kendall SummerHawk, and we’re offering a FREE teleseminar for women revealing how to expertly attract and keep more money WITHOUT giving up your femininity, disempowering your man, or slaving away at your business.


“The Secret Energy of Money:

How to Attract and Keep More in the Next 12 Months Than You Have in the Past 3 Years”

with Ali Brown and Kendall SummerHawk

Tuesday, March 9, 2010, at 8pm Eastern

Learn more and reserve your spot now here.


On this FREE one-time call, we’ll be revealing:

* Your new MUST-HAVE million-dollar mindset: Learn the imperative shifts you must make to protect you and your business from being held back — consciously or unconsciously — by those around you (even loved ones).

* How to LET GO of GUILT and deeply understand you deserve abundance: Do you have trouble with making more than your friends, family, spouse, or colleagues? It’s not uncommon, and we’ll help coach you through this.

* The 5 keys to getting MONEY to FALL in LOVE with you. Ladies, this one is a dance you have to lead. And we promise it’s much simpler than dating! (Whew…)

* 3 ways to THINK RICHLY and make decisions like a million-dollar woman, even if you are struggling or lacking in clients and customers.

* How to STOP treating yourself like a commodity or competing, and truly start charging the value that you and your offerings are worth.

* Details about the exciting NEW “Secret Energy of Money” tele-course you can participate in, taught PERSONALLY by Kendall and me!


(Men, you’re welcome to join us! Just know for this particular call we’re sharing a lot from a woman’s perspective, for women.) Kendall and I have learned a lot about what to do and not to do to attract and KEEP more money, and now it’s time for us to share it with YOU.

Don’t miss it! Learn more and reserve your spot now here.

Love and Success,

PS – Feel free to invite your friends and colleagues to this call, but please remember to reserve your spot HERE first!

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