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“Are You Ready To Reinvent Yourself?”

Every month it’s the same thing in all the magazines: “A New You,” “Keep Those Personal Resolutions,” “Make Over Your Life,” etc. It seems it’s a secret fantasy for most women to be able to reinvent themselves. Why? I’m guessing that for far too long they have put other people’s needs and standards before their own.

Well, that’s about to change. Because we’re about to really invent the NEW you—right now. We seem to forget that our life is our own domain, and that we have complete permission to decide exactly who we want to be, and to reinvent ourselves at any time—without explanations or apologies.

So, welcome to the NEW you. She exists in theory. You’ve fantasized about her like a character in a novel. And now’s your time to make her dreams come true.

While I cover this topic in detail with my Millionaire Protégé Club members, I chose the top eight areas that most of my clients like to focus on. So, let’s look at these eight components of the NEW you now…

1. Your income and lifestyle

Are you happy right now with the money you’re making and how you live? If not, make a list right now of the qualities of the lifestyle the NEW you would like to enjoy. Start fantasizing—and remember—nothing is too crazy or unreachable for a brainstorm. Then, do a bit of research and estimate how much of a monthly income you’d require to live this type of life.

Once you’ve written down this number, compare it to your income now. Then, start brainstorming ways to bridge that gap–whether it’s in one fell swoop or in smaller steps. It could be starting your own business. Taking on more clients at a higher fee. Creating an online business for passive income. Choose one to make a move on right away!

2. Your physical environment

Do you love where you live and how you live? If not, choose where and how the NEW you should be living. Perhaps it’s time to renovate your home, redo your décor, get organized, or even move to a new house or apartment entirely.

For years, I was fine with renting apartments, until one day I looked around and said to myself, “This isn’t where the NEW Ali would live!” I started attending real estate open houses for research and fun, and stumbled on a beach property I could actually afford. Just 45 days after making that decision, I was living right on the sand with a full ocean view.

Does the NEW you long to live near the water? In the city? In the mountains? In the desert? Out of the country? What would your view be? What would your home look like? Make your dream list now.

3. Your business and personal relationships

It’s said that we are the average of the five people we are around the most. What type of people would the NEW you be friends with? Write down their qualities, and then figure out where you can meet people like this. For example, when I decided to become more successful, I started attending seminars and joining mastermind groups where millionaire entrepreneurs could be found. These steps required investments of time and money, but I understood these efforts would change my life (and my income).

And what about romance? What would the NEW you like to have in that department? Look for ways you can spice up your current relationship, or move on from a rela-tionship that isn’t serving you. Perhaps it’s time to get back on the market via friends or a dating service! And if you don’t spend enough time with your kids, start making that a priority on your calendar. (Think quality time–not just quantity.)

4. Your physical appearance

What would the NEW you look like? Body? Skin? Hair? Write it down and then list the ways you can get from here to there.

Back when I launched my first business, I was so stressed that I suffered from terrible breakouts. One day I looked at my face and cried, “I can’t represent my business looking like this!” I made a prompt appointment with a dermatologist, who helped clear up my skin asap.

A friend of mine got so fed up with her jiggly bum and not fitting into her suits that she resolved to drop a dress size. But she knew she couldn’t do it by herself. She found a trainer who fit her budget, got her booty moving, and firmed it up in no time!

If you’ve hated your nose your entire life, change it! No apologies needed. And there are many modern, quick fixes that can help you look years younger without surgery–talk with your dermatologist or a cosmetic surgeon.

5. Your health

No amount of money or looking good will make up for poor health. If you suffer from any chronic health conditions or aches and pains, I’m guessing they are not part of the plan for the NEW you! Take time now to visit with your healthcare providers to put together a plan to get you healthy and energized.

Eat healthier and exercise more. You know this already. You just have to do it! Hire people to help you if you must. Because if you’re not healthy, you can’t live this beautiful life you’re reinventing.

6. Your style and clothing

Go through your closet and weed out anything the NEW you would not wear. The question to yourself as you pick up each item is, “Would the NEW me wear this?” If not, toss it into the donation bin! If you’re a softie, get a ruthless friend to help you. Clean out at least one-third of your closet to make room for the clothes for the beautiful NEW you.

Next, buy several fashion magazines and clip out looks and ideas you love. Then, take your new ideas shopping with a friend. Even better, hire a stylist or image consultant to help you choose a few choice pieces that will work together–you’ll save money by buying quality items that you’ll wear for years.

7. Your hobbies and pastimes

Make a list now of the activities the NEW you would love to enjoy. If you’re at a loss, think back to what you loved as a child. I remember how much I love to dance when I think back to all those afterschool tap and jazz classes. I’m now working more dance into my life–even if it’s in the middle of the day with the shades drawn!

One of my Millionaire Protégé Club members, a busy 42-year-old mom of two, realized she missed riding horses, which she had done as a teen. While she didn’t want to own a horse, she found a way to access one for just a few hundred dollars a month–similar to a time share! She says her weekly alone-time with this amazing animal helps soothe her mind and recharge her batteries.

8. Who you are being

We often put too much emphasis on what we’re doing versus who we’re being. What type of person does the NEW you have to BE to live this amazing new life? Make a list of attributes.

Some examples shared with me by my members who I’ve walked through this exercise are: confident, self-disciplined, patient, secure, inspired, motivated, dynamic, resourceful, thoughtful, driven, bold, focused, determined, faithful, and loving. When you look at the qualities you wrote down, you’ll see these are also all habits to put into place. Pick three to focus on and review them each morning and evening. As you pay attention to how you’re being, these will become ingrained habits over time.

Remember that happiness starts on the INSIDE

Remember that while you can and should make changes on the outside, these don’t substitute for changes on the inside. No matter your income, lifestyle, or appearance, start feeling good about yourself now–it will make it even easier to attract your goals!

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