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Aiming higher than equality…

Much of the conversation I’ve had lately with several high-profile women leaders has been about the themes we’ve been hearing on the news over and over during the last year… topics like women’s equality, the #MeToo movement, catching up where we should be, making things right, evening things out, and fixing things that are broken.

These are important conversations.

But we agreed there also needs to be much more conversation about something else for women. Especially women like us.

And it’s about LEADING.

This is where my passion lies now.

Because when you know you are born to lead, and you insist on operating from your highest level of genius and purpose, it will *naturally create more change* than you could ever intend on its own.

How does that feel?

If this resonates with you, I invite you to ICONIC 3.0 this November 5+6 in Phoenix to begin some powerful work together.

It’s a different type of event that eschews formulas and instead invites us to step into the greatest versions of ourselves, our work, and what we are really here to do… in a big way.

Because in past years we’ve SOLD OUT within weeks… even days… I have a feeling seats won’t be available for long when we open fully.

So I’ll be giving those on my Priority Notification List an early chance to reserve their spot beginning Monday, May 20.

My advice is, even if you’re just curious, I suggest you ‘raise your hand’ here.

It’s a women leaders’ gathering like no other.



P.S. This year there will be even more to celebrate, with room for up to 20 more participants than last year, a special session on what’s working online (and not anymore), and a special guest keynote speaker whom with we are close to final contract! She’s one of the few women in the world to ever take her company to a BILLION-dollar exit.

No beginner BS. No forced high-fives. No conga line. (Unless you really want to start one.)

Get on the Priority Notification List here for first dibs at submitting your application when we go LIVE on Monday, May 20.

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