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What’s NEW at ICONIC This Fall…

A table conversation with Ali Brown at ICONIC, the premier event for successful women business ownersWe are gearing up here for ICONIC 3.0 this fall, my annual event for women changemakers, entrepreneurs, and business leaders.

If you’re not on the Priority Notification list yet, you’ll want to be, because in past years we have SOLD OUT within days. You can get on that list here.

There continues to be nothing like ICONIC, anywhere, and there’s a reason that women leaders from a variety of industries fly in from all over the world to attend.

A quick heads-up on a few NEW developments at this year’s conference, happening November 5+6 in Phoenix, AZ:

  1. We have room for 80-90 leaders total, a bit more than last year. Minimum annual revenues to attend are $250K+ but please note the average revenues in the room are typically over $1 million each. If you are under this benchmark, don’t let it discourage you from applying, however – we’ll consider all applications and we do look at many factors. But revenue is a key indicator.
  2. I’ll be leading an in-depth, closed-door session on what’s working right now in the categories of models, marketing, and sales; including practical tips you can apply to your own business and industry. You’re going to be astonished by some of the simple strategies my clients are using that blow away the agonizing launch models still being taught. (I’m sure the ‘launch guys’ who continue to sell nothing but complication don’t want you to see this.)
  3. I have a handshake agreement with an extraordinary guest speaker to join us at ICONIC. She’s one of the few to ever take her company to a BILLION-dollar exit. She’ll not only share with us how she spotted the opportunity and the steps she took, but also secrets to doing big deals, pitching to venture capital, and negotiating industries largely dominated by men. You are going to love her, and I can’t wait to announce once our contract is signed.

If that’s not enough to get you excited to at least ‘raise your hand’ to learn more, I’m not sure what else would be. Get on the Priority Notification list now so you can rest easy knowing you’ll be first to get full information when it’s live. Then you can make the best decision for you!


Xo Ali

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