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An exciting announcement…

As I write this, I’m preparing to host a 25-child birthday party for my twins, who are turning six! We’re celebrating a bit early, as their school lets out for summer in just a few days, and it was easier for everyone.

Before I self-medicate 😉 I wanted to make sure you knew about one LAST detail that just came through regarding ICONIC 3.0, my event for women business leaders happening this November 5+6, 2019 in Phoenix.

Today I’m thrilled to announce a private BONUS session with my friend, a billion-dollar dealmaker, serial entrepreneur Cindy Eckert.

Cindy is a proven serial entrepreneur, a strong advocate for female entrepreneurship, and, as the only woman on record to sell her business for over $1 Billion, an unapologetically self-described ‘pink unicorn’.

As co-founder and CEO of Sprout Pharma, her company broke through barriers and made news with the first ever FDA-approved drug for low physical desire in women. And now, she’s founder of a venture-capital fund specifically for women-owned and centered businesses.

Cindy will not only share with us how she spotted her opportunities along the way and the steps she took, but also secrets to pitching and sealing big deals – especially in intimidating rooms.

I’ve known Cindy personally for a few years now, and also have to share how fun and down-to-earth she is as well. You are going to LOVE her, and this special ICONIC session!

Get ready for a fresh perspective, incomparable positioning, and hugely profitable possibilities.

—> A quick reminder of the facts:

  • Past events have sold out within days.
  • We have 80-90 seats MAX available this year.
  • 25 of them have already reserved by my current Premier and repeat clients.

So… I have a feeling seats won’t be available for long once we open TOMORROW, so your best bet is to get on that Priority Notification List here.

That way you can see all the details once they are live, and apply to attend if you want to join us.

And then… watch your inbox TOMORROW! 🙂



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