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Why I’m a marketing ‘agnostic’…

I’d like to quickly address a question I have received, and that’s regarding my position on online marketing.

‘Dear Ali, you seem to rant on how all marketing funnels are bad. Are you against ALL of the launch ‘formulas’ that are out there now? I’d like to know.’

To answer that question, not exactly.

Of the many clients I work with whose revenues are in the 7-figures and above, some of them have used funnels, webinars, social ads, video series, and similar formulas to get there.

But let me share a secret with you… my clients who are on track for multiple 7-figures or even 8-figures (one of my Premier clients is now doing over a million dollars a month) aren’t using any of that.

—> In fact, their models are so simple that they may not be believable.

And my biggest concern is that you may not believe them, because they can’t be sold to you. No one is ‘teaching’ them, because it’s not a fancy formula.

So here’s the rub: I, Ali Brown, want to convert you to become…

… a ‘marketing agnostic’. 

Meaning… show me the results. Show me the money. And show me the bigger picture… BEFORE I recommend you jump into spending your money, time, and energy on specific methods.

News flash: THIS is a position you won’t find with a typical business coach.

Because I have no ‘methods’ to sell you. Only wisdom. And a bird’s eye view from leading the entire industry for over a decade.

That being said, I’m inviting my own clients to share with you some unbiased reviews of what’s working right now, and what’s NOT working, at my private ICONIC 3.0 event on November 5+6 in Phoenix, AZ.

This is stuff you won’t hear anywhere else, and this session alone will be worth the investment in attending!

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