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An unusual request…

My friend Pam Slim just reached out with an unusual request that I wanted to share.

She’s an unabashedly brilliant small business champion, author of the bestselling books Escape from Cubicle Nation and Body of Work, and also an amazing woman with a huge heart. (She’s also appeared on my own Glambition Radio show.)

Pam has commissioned a professional survey of small business owners to help gain new insight into their specific challenges… and attitudes around them.

And when I learned about what she was doing, I wanted to help.

Pam and I both would appreciate your participation in this anonymous survey, the results of which will be shared publicly with small business owners and businesses like ours who serve this community. The data will benefit us all.

The survey should take no more than 10-15 minutes to complete. And as a thank you for your time, you have the chance to be entered in a drawing for a $250 gift card… IF you complete the survey by this Friday, September 8!

You can take the survey here now.

Your responses to this survey will remain anonymous, and your participation will not place you on any marketing or sales lists.

I appreciate your taking the time to read this, and hope you’ll help out my friend and take this survey she’s put together to help business owners like us!

Love and success,



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